20 brands experimenting with Vine video ads

Brands are beginning to experiment with Twitter's video app Vine, which allows users to create six-second slices of video content.

Vine: Twitter's video app
Vine: Twitter's video app

Over the weekend and yesterday there was much Tweeting about how porn had already reached Twitter's Vine video app.

Twitter has now taken action and has banned searches for explicit content and deleted X-rated users. It has also apologised for a "human error" that highlighted a graphic NSFW clip on the Vine homepage on Monday - Not the kind of showcase we had been expecting.

Now some more positive experiments are taking place as brands begin realise how they can use the service for mini ads. Or if not ads then amusing pieces of bite-sized content. Is that the same thing? I think it is.

Mostly American brands have signed up so far, but there are a few Brits experimenting too and I'm sure there will be plenty of others to follow shortly.

What's fascinating here is the level of creativity...and the crazy dancing. Some were questioning the point of six seconds of video. I think these brand Vines go someway to answering that question and show the kind of fun you can have.

Some of the 20+ brands having a try include @thinkmodo, @msnbc, @UpDesk, @thedailybeast, @NBCNews, @BuzzFeed, @barbariangroup, @CNNEEfans, @CellJournalist, @InternetUK, @AlMonitor, @imaginateonline, @techdotmag, @UrbanOutfitters, @Gap, Birmingham City FV (@BcfcDotCom), @Moose_Tracks, @PBS, @RedVines, @WheatThins, @confused_com and @generalelectric.

And of course @BrandRepublic, created by @thebenhall, one of Brand Republic's producers, @Brproducers.

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