2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards shortlist spotlight: Deutsche Telekom 'Move On'

A road movie created with German consumers' participation delivered an ROMI of 1.11:1

2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards shortlist spotlight: Deutsche Telekom 'Move On'

Wolfgang Kampbartold The campaign felt right from the beginning. We wanted to promote mobile internet’s benefits and it really supported our mission to make people’s lives easier and richer.

Gordon Euchler This was our chance to take forward a fantastic brand with a heritage of great work. It was surprisingly simple to get approved. Later, the work became much more intense.

WK In a project lasting almost a year, there were many proof points of success. We received so many public submissions, the film itself was a success and, PR-wise, coverage was overwhelming.

GE Once we had detailed shifts in attitude, brand perception, market share and subscribers, I thought we were almost done. But the hardest work was to show how these effects brought Deutsche Telekom greater financial benefits than its non-marketing investments. 

WK It was a brave decision of senior management to support this campaign. It involved multiple challenges for an agency/client team and made us stronger, working hand-in-hand and managing daily challenges.
Other high points have been the awards won. Low points? The classic answer: too little time for such a complex project.