2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards shortlist spotlight: easyJet 'Generation easyJet'

easyJet shifted perceptions across Europe with its first aspirational branding campaign, 'generation easyJet'.

2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards shortlist spotlight: easyJet 'Generation easyJet'

Ian Cairns We’re proud of our low-cost heritage and our bright "orangeness". The challenge was to find an idea that could leverage that equity while moving the brand image forward radically.

Michael Lee It was an ambitious brief backed by easyJet’s management. One of our mottos is: "It only works if it all works." A similar ethos exists in easyJet – its marketing is integrated into its business model and practices.

IC The internal challenge was to identify savings to fund the campaign. Finding those opportunities required ingenuity and a certain risk.

ML Our biggest test was to prove that this strategy could deliver as much, if not more, sales impact than previous DR-dominated activity. Within 12 months, there were positive indicators: ranging from brand-tracking to improving revenue per seat and favourable stock market sentiment.

IC This campaign taught me how important it is to have genuine product and service improvements to go with your marketing – and how empty most campaigns are when you experience the thing they’re selling. We communicated real operational, product and cultural transformation. So customers’ experience of us matched the new work.

ML I just wish I’d bought shares in easyJet back in 2010!