My 2017 media resolution: Facebook's Andrew Keller
A view from Andrew Keller

My 2017 media resolution: Facebook's Andrew Keller

The global creative director of Facebook Creative Shop wants to "bring more people together more often."

When I think about the one thing that will help Creative Shop become better partners, and move the entire creative industry forward in 2017, it's being more connected—individuals, agencies, brands and clients.

I believe that groundbreaking, brilliant ideas are the direct result of deep collaboration, and so to that end, my ultimate goal in the next year is to bring more people together more often, prioritizing work centered on collaboration and learning alongside each other.

It's easy to say, but not easy to do. These collaborative environments can create role confusion and hierarchy issues. We can become worried about where we stand or what we own. For me, personally, I can become afraid of how others will judge my ideas. Or, less open to other's contributions when my ego gets in the way.

My first step is to continue the commitment to the value of connection within our own culture. Our focus should always be on learning, inventing and creating meaningful work, but necessarily layered with a sense of humility, empathy and generosity. My hope would be to share this culture with all of our partners—to become the glue between agencies, brands, publishers and clients.

The creative industry should be the gold standard for embracing collaboration. And, in full disclosure, I selfishly look forward to connecting with our partners to unlock the power of mobile. Mobile has become central to all our lives. It represents the biggest opportunity for our industry to connect people and business. Mobile also empowers people to create content quickly and easily and amplifies quiet voices, bringing diverse viewpoints to the forefront. Mobile makes us a stronger, more connected and truly global community. So it's only fitting that the potential of the medium that connects us all will only be unlocked by working together.

There's no question that I have my work cut out for me. Resolving to be truly more collaborative in 2017 won't be easy. However, I am completely committed. Maybe if you're up for it, we can work on it together?