2033: Events reimagined

Three brand experience agencies predict what Google's Zeitgeist, Cisco Live and O2's Campus Party will look like in 18 years' time.

2033: Future experiential trends
2033: Future experiential trends

David Ball, founder & CEO, Brand Fuel reimagines Zeitgeist

For nine years we have been involved in the production of Google’s European Zeitgeist and have witnessed the diversification in speaker content, driven by the democratisation of data. Nine years ago keynote speakers were senior politicians, princes, economists and futureologists; today we have physicists, naturalists, brand icons and Olympic athletes, plus 14-year old inventors and highly successful teenage entrepreneurs.

Storytelling will remain at the heart of our culture but the ways in which these stories come to light and are told will change dramatically. As more people become connected, we will gain live access to hitherto unheard of regions of the earth and engage with new stories and opportunities. Does a brand want to tell the story of poaching in Africa? Of course, but perhaps we will see 3D live images of a rhino giving birth in the bush, courtesy of the wardens protecting it.

In 2033, live brand experiences will be dramatically different. From human tech implants changing the way we interact with the world, to virtual reality changing the way we see it - the tools brands use to drive engagement will be extraordinary. But most importantly we must use these advancements to keep telling better stories, to keep people networking and to keep creating these beautiful, memorable experiences that everyone will want to share, seamlessly.

George P. Johnson’s vice-president creative, Andy Bass, reimagines Cisco Live! 2033: Beyond Connectivity

There was an air of celebration as Cisco entered its 50th year, as well as anticipation for the much-anticipated launch of tele-connect 0.3 – the latest cerebral implant upgrade. Full, real time, 360 experience back-up with a thought-controlled retrieval system matching even the faintest recollection with a full sensory replay on demand. Global connectivity as standard.  

This year’s theme, ‘Beyond Connectivity’, promoted lively debate. Having connected everything to the internet, this event was an opportunity for the world’s number one IT brand to leverage the full power of insights and data analytics – moving to maximise the advances in wellbeing and quality of life that have become the currency of the experience revolution.

Cisco Live! has become one of the last places where physical, real-time engagements still have a power to engage an audience. Taking it from its roots as a source of training and learning, GPJ has created a collaborative think tank that combines the audience’s collective creativity to solve global issues in a fraction of the time it took just 18 years ago when Cisco Live moved to Berlin. Having largely solved the issues of fuel, food and water distribution, the Eternity Project looks like the next big step for ‘The Collective’s’ Cisco-initiated collaboration.

Once again, the keynote drew a great mix of in-the-room audience and holographic avatars worldwide. Through fully ‘transparent’ hemispheric projection, both in-room and remote audiences were seemingly transported to real and imagined locations. Presenters expressed compelling, interactive case studies and launched solutions for yet greater levels of sophisticated connection to the now universal web.

The team are already working with The Collective, busy planning for Cisco Live! 2034 - see you there!

Nic Cooper, CEO, Sledge reimagines Campus Party

Campus 2033 is being hosted at AEG’s brand new International Space Station Venue. The construction is hot off the 3D printer, so Campus will be its first event to use this unique space. Delegates will be staying a short flight away at the Virgin Galactic Inn.

All delegates will be communicating and interacting with each other using the latest apple implantable devices, both optical and aural. For the first time in Campus history Robot delegates will also be invited to the event. 

Additionally, there will be a keynote presentation from Apple’s new CTO Robot. Full immersion virtual reality will allow remote access and participation to delegates on Earth providing access for up to 200,000 further delegates. It’s anticipated that the Cyborg Hackathon competition will be the largest staged competition of its type, this year the prize will be worth a staggering 1,000 Bitcoins.

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