24/7 launches division in UK to sell ads on e-mail bulletins

24/7 has launched a UK division to corner the growing market for opt-in e-mail publication advertising.

24/7 has launched a UK division to corner the growing market for

opt-in e-mail publication advertising.

The US-based web sales house is looking for a sales force to front 24/7


The e-mail division offers advertisers six lines of copy plus an

internet address at the beginning of subscription-based e-mail

publications or bulletins. These are sent out from web companies such as

UK-iNvest, Zoom.com and PeopleSound.com.

Many of the e-mail bulletins were used originally as loyalty tools for

websites. However, they look set to become a lucrative new advertising


David Woodrow, 24/7 Mail’s business development director, claimed that

click-through rates on US e-mail publication ads are typically 5 to 15

per cent.

He also cited Forrester research, which put the figure at 18 to 20 per

cent. This compares with an average clickthrough rate of less than 0.5

per cent for traditional banner advertising.

Woodrow is hiring two sales people for the UK and hopes to extend the

operation to France and Holland in May or June. He believes he could be

scouting for more UK talent very soon.

The US division of 24/7 Mail, which has offices in California, New

Jersey and New York, has grown to 100 employees in less than a year, and

boasts a ’considerable’ sales force.

’It will be huge,’ Woodrow said. ’It’s been running very successfully in

the US and to my knowledge no-one else is doing this in the UK. We have

already had an unbelievable number of people asking us about it. I’d say

there is an enormous amount of interest.’

The company is initially offering advertising across the bulletins of 19

websites in its portfolio.

It also has an exclusive partnership with KeepAhead. The UK dotcom

distributes more than 30 e-mail publications - most delivered daily -

and sends two million e-mails a month, to 80,000 subscribers.

The pricing for e-mail publication ads is pounds 80-pounds 100 per

1,000. This is higher than the average rate for banner ads because the

e-mail medium is more effective.

The 24/7 Mail division was launched last week at the New-Media Marketing

Expo and International Direct Marketing Fair in London.

The move into e-mail follows 24/7’s launch of a WAP ad server last