24 Hours with ... Barnaby Dawe, Heart FM

Name: Barnaby Dawe
Job: Managing director, Heart FM
Professional mission: Grow Heart's radio stations and maximise the
potential of the brand
Personal mantra: Glass half full

6.30am Get up and head off for a run round Battersea Park. I listen to a portable radio so I can check out the competition while on the move.

7.30am Leave the house and set off on my scooter, but wish I had taken the car as it chucks it down.

8.00am Check my diary and prepare for meetings and get greeted by my "rock", Elizabeth. I'm lost without her. We're like a married couple, as we bicker a lot - she lets me think I'm in charge, but she rules the roost really.

8.15am Mark Browning, my London programme director, swings by for a cup of tea and a run through his day and then on to gossip.

8.30am Pop up to the studio to sit in on the breakfast show. Get carried away with Jamie and Harriet's banter, forget the microphone is on and blurt out some inane comment which is greeted by a look of horror from the producer, Jamie Scott.

9.00am My stream of meetings begins. At Sky, I was called Doctor Dawe, as my office was like an NHS surgery with terrible waiting times. I try to do fewer meetings now and more walking around and chatting.

10.30am Cab to Soho to talk to Sony Pictures about upcoming releases.

12.30pm Swing by Roka for a round of sushi with Nancy Cruickshank, the managing director of Handbag.com. Nancy is full of good ideas and hilarious conversation, so it doesn't feel like work.

2.30pm Back in the office for more meetings. I've just taken over the running of our two stations in the Midlands, so I've lots of catching up to do. Pop up to see Emma B, our new drivetime presenter.

6.45pm Meet Sophie Turner-Laing, the deputy managing director of Sky Networks, for a drink - she offers sound advice and then regales me with stories. She's a no-nonsense big spender in Hollywood - even the most ferocious studio bosses tremble in her presence.

7.30pm Have dinner and a glass of Shiraz with my chief executive, Phil Riley. He's educating me on the industry movers and shakers, as I'm new to radio, so I have to concentrate and ensure I don't have too much of the wine.

10.30pm Home and a sneaky look at my BlackBerry (I'm a complete addict). Have a look at Sky+ and finish off Desperate Housewives (I'm a complete addict).