24 Hours With...Brothers & Sisters

Busy day...Brothers & Sisters
Busy day...Brothers & Sisters

Name: Sam and Mark
Executive worldwide creatives
Professional mission:
Do we have one?
Personal Mantra:
Feels like I am working too hard`

Read in Campaign's '24 Hours with...' that people like us wake up early, so thought I'd give it a go. Seeing as it's still dark outside, think "What idiot would get up at this time", rollover and go back to sleep.

10.23am Wake up. Still too early, but decide to get going anyway.

11.10am Shit, shower, shave and head to work.

12.10am Arrive at work as weekly status meeting is starting. Manage to evade by hiding in the stationary cupboard. Eat bacon sandwich while filling my bag with Sharpies and clicky pencils.

12.18am Sam calls to say he's running late, should be in this morning.

11.59am Sam makes it just in time...have a coffee and chat about the day ahead. Decide we should get some lunch first and start work straight after.

12.35pm Craving health food after stodgy breakfast, so go for chicken kiev, chips and a pint of watered down lager in the pub.

1.28pm Back in the office ready to start. Feel a bit sleepy after heavy lunch so decide to have a nap.

Turn on computer to start work on new brief. Spend half an hour looking up what ‘Logical Adjacencies' means before deciding it's probably not important anyway. Kiev beginning to repeat, so decide to make a brew.

3.12pm Stuck for ideas we switch on the box and watch the last half hour of a Columbo film on Five. After ten minutes, realise we have seen it before but watch it anyway. When it finishes we switch over to Countdown and Sam gets the conundrum again.

Realise the time and can't believe where the day has gone. Call our wives to tell them we might have to work late as we've got a big presentation the next day.
Brainstorm some ideas about a number crunching detective who's also good at word puzzles.

Decide we're probably better off putting presentation together in the morning with a fresh pair of eyes, so head back to the pub.

6.10pm Meet fellow creatives at pub and sound them out for ideas for our pitch. All bloody useless. Sam has a crap idea, but it's all we've got, so it'll have to do.

10.58pm Grab kebab and head home for an early night.

11.57pm Must remember Sam's idea, so look for a pen in the drawer, find a copy of The Cannonball Run, put it on and pass out.