3 great ads I had nothing to do with #12: Danny Brooke-Taylor on Southern Comfort, Reebok and Dr Pepper

Danny Brooke-Taylor, founding partner of Lucky Generals, reveals three great ads he admires but had nothing to do with.

Danny Brooke Taylor became Creative Director at TBWA/London in 2005, working on accounts for Playstation and Adidas, moving to MCBD three years later. During his time as creative director there, he won ITV’s Ad of the Decade for work for Hovis.

In 2013, Danny co-founded Lucky Generals, a creative agency working with brands such as Hovis, Waitrose, Virgin and the Department of Health.

In his spare time he has created and directed a Children’s Television series called Green Santa, which was nominated for a BAFTA in 2011.

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Danny's choices

Southern Comfort "Beach"

This ad features 'Hit or Miss', a jazz/funk rare groove classic by singer, actress and civil rights activist, Odetta Holmes. Weiden + Kennedy went for a relaxed approach for an alcohol ad that perfectly matches the campaign’s tagline "Whatever’s Comfortable".

The ad was created for Southern Comfort, Brown-Forman by Weiden + Kennedy New York. The Creative Directors were Scott Vitrone & Ian Reichenthal, the Production Company was Biscuit Filmworks and the Director was Tim Godsall. The ad's copywriter, Nick Kaplan, said "You don't get many chances to reinvent a brand that's over 100-years-old. And you get even fewer chances to reinvent a brand with a film starring a heavy-set, overly tanned man in a banana hammock."

Reebok "Blob"

The ad looks into the 'real' reasons why most consumers engage in sport, such as to shed the pounds or relieve stress. 'Reebok is telling it as it is - people don't just do sport to win, many want to stay in shape and enjoy it. These ads will strike a chord because the consumer will appreciate their honest intent,' Jeremy Bowles, the deputy managing director of Lowe Lintas, said.
This ad won silver at the 2000 Cannes Lions. It was voted 10th best advert of all time on the 2005 program "ITV's Best Ever Ads". Micky Tudor and Brian Turner were the creatives at Lowe Lintas for this £4 million ad. It was directed by Traktor and produced by Partizan.

Dr Pepper "Emergency"

A young Jesse Eisenberg stars as the 'Butt Naked Boy' in Dr Pepper's 2000 launch of the 'What's the worst that can happen?' campaign.

The Creative Directors were Robert Saville and Mark Waites at Mother London, and the copywriters were Yan Elliott and Luke Williamson. The production company was Hungry Man and the director was Brian Buckley. The ad won Gold at the 2000 Cannes Lions.

In 2008, Dr Pepper relaunched the 'What's the worst that can happen?' campaign.

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