3 great ads I had nothing to do with #26: Paul Weiland on Marmite, Volkswagen and PlayStation

Paul Weiland OBE, Founder, ECD, Director of Contagious London, reveals three great ads he admires but had nothing to do with

Paul was recently awarded an OBE for his services to the advertising and creative industries.  He started his career in advertising as a copywriter at CDP before moving into directing, learning his trade from Sir Alan Parker.

He has since directed over 1000 ads for a vast selection of brands, including every Gary Lineker Walkers ad throughout the campaign's 20 year history.

Over the years, his penchant for comedy has led him to direct the likes of Blackadder & Mr. Bean, alongside feature films.

Paul founded Contagious London, an advertising agency and production company in one, and currently creates and directs campaigns for UK and international clients, including Kingsmill, Trop50 and Save The Children.

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Paul's choices

Marmite "neglect"

This ad was released in January 2015. It plays on the idea that marmite is being neglected, and teams are deployed to rescue it.

Created by adam&eveDDB for Marmite, they used a well-regarded BBC journalist Michael Buerk as its voiceover and the ad continued to reinforced the idea that marmite is a "love it or hate it." Pure honest advertising.

Volkswagen "snow plow"

Released in 1964 by DDB New York, this ad asks "have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snowplow, drives to the snowplow?" This TV ad was made by Production Company, Film Contracts, London and was art directed by Len Sirowitz.

The ad won 1964 Cannes Gold and was included in the Hall of fame in the 2013 Clio Awards.

PlayStation "double life"

In the 1990s the aim was to give the hopelessly lame video-games market look cooler, noting that people in the market were in fact teens and adults, not children.

This 1999 ad was directed by Gorgeous Productions’ Frank Budgen. It was the most highly awarded in the world in 1999/2000 and has gone on to gain cult status, topping's "Top 10 Best PlayStation Ads".

Budgen was voted as the Directors Guild of America commercial director of the year in 2007, the same year "double life" was added to the Clio Hall of Fame.

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