30 Millions d'Amis "We are the champions" by Altmann + Pacreau

30 Millions d'Amis is targeting national pride with its gut-wrenching campaign.

With 100,000 animals abandoned each year (including 60,000 during the summer holidays), France currently boasts the highest levels of animal abandonment across Europe. Bringing this injustice to the forefront, 30 Millions d’amis’ facetious tribute shows pet-owners tying up their dogs, putting kittens in boxes and putting their hamsters in the rubbish – all to the tune of Queen’s We are the Champions. Last summer, the classic ballad was used as a source of national pride during the Football World Cup, but Altmann & Pacreau is stirring a much more sobering reality in the hopes of igniting a new, more animal-friendly national spirit.