5 new social networks brands should know about

One of them is an animated GIF selfie app.

5 new social networks brands should know about

Star Wars

Most read: Star Wars alliances that should have stayed in a galaxy far, far away

Fear not (because fear leads to etc etc), this is a spoiler free 18:05 entry. Marketing's Ben Bold has taken a look at brands with no obvious Star Wars synergies, which have manufactured a tenuous association with the sci-fi franchise.

Covergirl's is perhaps the most tenuous of the lot.

Covergirl Star Wars range

Bold writes, "If this brand association were to be a character in a Star Wars movie, it would surely be Jar Jar Binks. That manifestation of George Lucas’s silliness and hubris (he was convinced Jar Jar would be a star, rather than universally reviled). Not that Covergirl’s makeup is atrocious, or hubristic, just that the brand’s line of Star Wars-themed lipstick and nail varnish is incongruous and arbitrary."

Read on for Star Wars themed campaigns from O2, Tesco, HP and Sky Movies.

Sharon Whale

People news: Oliver hires Proximity deputy chair for CEO role

Oliver Group has hired Sharon Whale to be its UK chief executive, Campaign's James Swift reports. Whale will start in February.

She will report to Martin, whom she replaces in the role. Martin, who also founded Oliver, will become chairman and global chief executive.

Whale joined Proximity in 2003 as managing partner before rising to deputy chairman. At Oliver, she will be tasked will leading all of the UK group companies, including Dare (which was sold by EDC to Oliver in October) and Aylesworth Fleming. Martin will focus on expanding internationally.

Read on for quotes from Martin and Whale, or check out more of today's people news.

Chosen app

On social: 5 new social networks that should be on your radar

Over on The Wall, WGSN's Carlene Thomas-Bailey has provided a sneak peek at the trend watcher's report on ten new social networks brands should know about

One of Thomas-Bailey's picks is the GIF selfie app, Kong. Here's TechCrunch's review:

Standard selfies are a thing of the past. With the app Kong, users can upgrade their selfies and turn them into animated GIFs. Its appeal lies in the fact that it’s all about play, making it incredibly consumer-friendly and very similar to Snapchat, rather than Twitter, which requires a concentrated thought process. I’d encourage brands to play around and get an understanding of Kong now, because their consumers are.

Carlene Thomas-Bailey, senior editor at WGSN and editor of WGSN’s The Insider blog

Read on for four more emerging social networks.

Huawei 3D product

E-commerce: Huawei introduces 3D product images

Next year, Huawei will be implementing 3D versions of all their products on their website, so consumers can examine an object from unusual angles, as in this image. 

Huawei is using technology from Dutch agency Binkies 3D (great name). Try it out with the Huawei P8, just click and drag.


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Best of Branded Content Marketing have just released their annual report, featuring 25 case studies and 20 articles from experts in the field. If you're in content marketing, you should have a flick through. It's available for free as a heavily designed e-book, Best of Branded Content Marketing 2015: Global Edition.


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