$500m video game 'Destiny' gets Hollywood treatment in live-action short

Led Zeppelin's bombastic Viking-themed 'Immigrant Song' is used to punctuate the epic interplanetary gunplay and exploding aliens in an ad for the world's most expensive videogame, 'Destiny'.

The two-minute live-action short features three characters from the game, who fly between planets of our solar system 700 years in the future, engaging in slightly cheesy banter and blasting nasty-looking alien foes.

‘Destiny’ is this year’s most-hyped video game and it when it goes on general release tomorrow (9 September) is expected to achieve sales in the tens of millions, at least.

Developer Bungie and publisher Activision are clearly banking on this - a budget of $500m has been attributed to the game’s development and marketing - although admittedly this amount also covers future instalments of the IP, which is planned to continue over the next decade.

The film is directed by sci-fi film director Joseph Kosinski, who made ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Tron: Legacy’; and there is even talk of Hollywood making a feature film based on the franchise.

Marketing for 'Destiny' also includes the recent launch of a website called Destiny Planet View that lets consumers visit planetary locations from the game. The website uses Google’s Street View technology to power it.

Client: Tim Ellis, chief marketing officer, Activision Publishing

Brand: Destiny

Agency: 72andSunny

Creatives: Tim Wolfe, Peter Vattanatham, Garrett Jones, Ryan Iverson, Vincent Barretto