#60yearsTVads: 'Today is the future' say Mother London's Ana & Hermeti Balarin
A view from Ana & Hermeti Balarin

#60yearsTVads: 'Today is the future' say Mother London's Ana & Hermeti Balarin

Throughout September, Marketing will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of TV advertising in the UK with a series of articles penned by influential industry leaders. The aim is to explore where TV advertising is now and, more importantly, its future in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Today, it's the turn of Ana & Hermeti Balarin, executive creative directors at Mother London.

The context for TV advertising has changed dramatically over the years but the skills needed to make a good TV ad remain the same. Despite the change in the role that TV advertising plays in a wider communications landscape, it still needs to entertain, engage, and tell a contained story – often in no more than 30 seconds - so craft is hugely important in making impactful TV.

Whether on TV or social platforms, film is still one of the best ways for a brand to emotionally engage with their customer. We just don’t have a captive audience any more.

TV advertising has given brands a voice, helped them find fame and become household names. Apple was always a brand with a clear mission, but 1984 captured that rebellious voice and let the whole world hear it. Guinness has a heritage and provenance, but epic TV storytelling gave it contemporary relevance.

Today is the future. We are living in the times we saw as kids in sci-fi movies

There is something inherently trustworthy about big brand TV advertising. It is a statement of scale and stability, from big banks to insurance companies. A reassurance that they are not going anywhere.

Hopefully TV advertising will be bold and cinematic again in the future. But I fear its role could keep getting reduced to promotional, tactical sales messages despite its proven ability in building brands.

Today is the future. We are living in the times we saw as kids in sci-fi movies. We have virtual reality, like in Tron, we touch screens like in Minority Report. Every day there are new possibilities popping up that advertising can help bring to the mainstream. We can help new technologies like VR to find their feet, while discovering new ways to wow consumers instead of pissing them off.

TV advertising will return with a vengeance to be as relevant as it once was.