7 things Proximity has learned in the new Omnicom building

Proximity BBDO was the first agency to move into Omnicom network HQ on London's South Bank.

Proximity's executive creative director, John Treacy, shares a few things the agency has learned since it decamped.

1. The Shard makes a nice wizard hat.

2. Meeting rooms are named after local pubs. So if someone suggests meeting in the Lord Clyde you’re never sure where to turn up.

3. It’s a great place to get fit....and fat

4. Even the fire drill is civilised here. A nice lady asks us to leave the building and we do.

5. Our lift is so cool it has its own TV show. But you wouldn’t want to watch it for long…

6. There are only so many welcome discounts we can manage to use in our first week.

7. We love our new view, whatever the weather.