C2 Montréal

9 written notes from strangers that will make you stop and think

C2 is filled with labs designed to stimulate the participant's senses and inspire new ideas and creativity. One lab invites participants to write down their ideas, desires and thoughts about the world. Anonymous and candid, here's a selection that will inspire ...

"Remove the structure. Fun!"
"Say maybe, before you say no… we stop ourselves from experiencing things because others are watching – or it may get messy. Embrace the messy. Play. Say maybe."
"The future of business will consist of more communal innovation. Community not competition!"
Tell stories from the heart. Convey the emotions. Let the audience interpret it. The story becomes "mine" (the audience).
"Make it: sensory, tactile, methodical, easy and desirable to follow. Find your way to the next big idea!"
"Pausing is essential."
"Pet sharing. Grab a pet when you want one without full time commitment"
"Small ideas. Create big ideas."
"What I can learn is to watch the beauty of complexity, yet simplicity in the chaos that is every moment a problem."

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