999 Design rebrands Gleneagles Mineral Water

LONDON - Design agency 999 has given a new look to the Gleneagles Natural Mineral Water bottle, produced by Highland Spring and sold exclusively in top UK hotels and restaurants.

The Glasgow office of 999 has worked with Highland Spring for five years and was appointed to revamp the identity of its flagship product, which has been unveiled throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

The redesign complements the traditional sleek, clean look of the Gleneagles glass bottle with updated lettering in the form of a lowercase "g".

Gavin Clark, managing director of 999 Glasgow, said: "Gleneagles water is a very elegant brand with an exclusive customer base and 999 is delighted to have worked on such an exciting project.

"Our brief was to develop a new identity worthy of the brand which is served in some of the best restaurants and hotels across the UK and overseas.

"We wanted to communicate how stylish and refreshing Gleneagles Natural Mineral Water is and our inspiration was the quality of the brand itself, which we have reflected in the stylised lettering that appears in liquid form."