AA pledges support to PM tackle obesity

The Advertising Association has pledged to support David Cameron's mission to tackle childhood obesity.

Tim Lefroy: the AA chief executive
Tim Lefroy: the AA chief executive

In a letter to the prime minister, the AA chief executive, Tim Lefroy, said the issue would "require renewed attention from our industries".

It follows reports that the prime minister may take personal responsibility for the Conservative party’s commitment to tackle obesity.

The AA said: "We must look at regulation, and in partnership with policy makers, seek out the best available evidence and make changes where needed.

"We must turn on the persuasive capability in our creativity and utilise the reach and influence of our brands and media.

"We must work with the government to find effective remedies because that is the proven recipe for positive social change."

The AA explained to the prime minister that it is the "gateway" to adland’s independent self-regulatory system, which is operated by the Advertising Standards Authority, in conjunction with Ofcom.

Scientific advisors to Public Health England said today that added sugars, or those naturally present in honey, syrups and unsweetened fruit juices, should make up no more than 5 per cent of a person’s daily intake.