AB InBev stands by Lance Armstrong

AB InBev has become the second sponsor to stand by Lance Armstrong, the disgraced seven-times Tour de France winner, despite US anti-doping authorities describing the cyclist as a "serial cheat" who ran "the most sophisticated... doping programme that sport has ever seen".

Lance Armstrong: stars in Michelob Ultra promotion
Lance Armstrong: stars in Michelob Ultra promotion

Armstrong was yesterday charged by the United States Anti-Doping Authority (USADA) with six offences, including taking banned substances and administering drugs to teammates.

Eleven US Postal Service cycling teammates have said that they have seen Armstrong take performance-enhancing drugs.

This morning Nike said it was standing behind Armstrong and now AB InBev is following suit.

Paul Chibe, vice president of US marketing at Anheuser-Busch, today said: "Our current relationship with Lance remains unchanged".

AB InBev has previously said Armstrong would continue to be a spokesman for its beer Michelob Ultra, with Chibe saying, "He has inspired millions with his athletic achievement and his commitment to helping cancer survivors and their families."