Abarth challenges drivers to recover stolen art

Driving experience created to celebrate brand's 70th anniversary.

Abarth: experience featured 595 model
Abarth: experience featured 595 model

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand Abarth hosted a driving experience to celebrate its 70th anniversary in which visitors raced to recover a piece of stolen art.

The racetrack and aircraft hangars at the former RAF base Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire formed the venue for "The takeback" on 11 January.

Twenty-four competition winners were accompanied by a series of actors in a journey to retrieve a piece of stolen art. The 20-minute experience comprised challenges including attending a heist briefing, rescuing artwork and making a series of high-speed getaways. Guests had the opportunity to operate a vehicle from Abarth's 595 range and be driven by a professional stunt driver.

Limitless provided the driving experience. Initials worked alongside The Halo Group to deliver the project.

Andrea Lo Presti, marketing director at Abarth, said: "Abarth is for people who believe that being an individual requires boldness, commitment and conviction. Initials really understood this thinking and brought our brand to life through their creative concept.

"We wanted the experience to reflect the fact that Abarth allows you to explore the boundaries of your individuality, seeking out the unconventional, and Initials delivered this perfectly."