Abbott Mead Vickers ad for Wrigley's Xcite brand pulled by ITC

The Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO commercial for Wrigley's Xcite chewing gum has earned the dubious accolade of being the most complained-about television commercial of all time.

The ad, which has now been pulled by the Independent Television Commission after receiving more than 600 complaints, shows a man retching, prompting an entire dog to emerge out of his mouth. Viewers complained the ad frightened children and some even said it made them sick.

The ITC also dismissed more than 300 complaints against a Velvet toilet tissue ad by Publicis, saying claims it might stimulate paedophiles were invalid. It showed several bare adult bottoms with descriptions such as "curvy", "cuddly" and "firm", and the strapline: "Love your bum."

Viewers complained the nudity was unacceptable, and that the imagery of backsides was in poor taste when transmitted around meal times.

However, the ITC noted the BACC had approved the ad provided it was not shown during children's programmes.