Abbott Mead Vickers produces TV ads for BT Internet Anytime

A killjoy father stopping his children having fun is the star of

the new BT campaign to promote its service offering unrestricted

internet access.

Two 30-second TV spots, produced by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and

breaking nationally on Monday, are an extension of the campaign that

launched BT Internet Anytime in January.

In the ads, the father is the symbol of rival metered services by

finding ways of limiting his children's pastimes.

In one execution he hides the family pet. In another he keeps a ball out

of reach. Each execution ends with the family settling down to enjoy BT

Internet Anytime. The service now claims to be the UK's biggest

unmetered provider offering customers internet access 24 hours a day for

a flat monthly subscription.

Lidia Mackow-McGuire, the head of consumer access marketing at BT

Openworld, said: "We wanted to show how important the freedom of access

is to delivering the full enjoyment of the internet."

The ads were written by Ben Kay, art directed by Cameron Blackley and

directed by Peluca for Brave Films. Media is being bought by the Allmond