ABC FIGURES: Declining figures continue for home sector

The home interest and garden magazine sectors have failed to move on from last year's position of declining sales.

The home interest and garden magazine sectors have failed to move on from last year's position of declining sales.

Increased demand for home and garden-themed TV has translated into a growth in magazine sales for only a lucky few, as most are experiencing severe drops or are having to settle for stagnation.

The latest ABC figures show that 15 out of the 23 home improvement titles experienced year-on-year losses. Your Home and Homes & Ideas were the worst hit with 24.6 and 32.2 per cent losses respectively.

The gardening titles showed similar form, with seven out of the 11 suffering a slump in sales. Garden Answers and Your Garden were the big losers with drops of 24.9 and 28.6 per cent respectively.

The Real Homes Magazine was the winner in the house titles with a year-on-year increase of 7 per cent.

Tim Brooks, the managing director of IPC, puts the slump in sales down to the year's bad weather. 'We have a 35.2 per cent share in the market - so if the market is down then by definition we are as well,' Brooks said.

Verdict The market is overcrowded and it is likely that there will be a shake-out of the weaker titles in this sector. Although companies have talked about new launches, publishers will think twice about trying to succeed in a stagnant market.


Title              Publisher       Total ABC   Period on   Yr on yr

                                                period %

Ideal Home         IPC               229,728        -9.9       -9.7

House Beautiful    NatMags           200,083        -4.7      -10.1

Homes & Antiques   BBC               176,455        -4.7      -12.0

Homes & Gardens    IPC               165,595         0.3       -4.0

House & Garden     Conde Nast        150,152         0.1       -0.2

Real Homes         Cabal             140,348         5.5        7.0

Your Home          G&J               136,642       -20.8      -24.6

Good Homes         BBC               133,220        -8.6      -12.2

Homes & Ideas      IPC               122,830         0.6      -32.2

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (July-December 2000)


Title                 Publisher    Total ABC   Period on   Yr on yr

                                                period %

Gardeners'' World      BBC            310,770       -18.8        3.4

The Garden            Emap           273,387         2.8        4.1

Garden Answers        Emap            91,005       -35.4      -24.9

English Garden        Romsey          90,902       -13.5       -1.3

Garden News           Emap            60,070       -13.5       -4.8

Amateur Gardening     IPC             55,417       -14.3        3.4

English Garden NA     Romsey          54,176        -0.6        6.6

Garden Inspirations   GE Magazines    50,578       -28.6      -13.9

Your Garden           IPC             41,377       -47.2      -28.6

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (July-December 2000)