ABC FIGURES: Gardening mags benefit from spring interest

IPC's Ideal Home has once again claimed the top spot in the home-interest sector after clocking an ABC figure of 273,489, more than 100,000 ahead of its closest competitor.

The National Magazine Company's House Beautiful snatched second place, despite seeing a 10.2 per cent dip.

NatMags may have closed and sold off Your Home but there seems to be little evidence of readers transferring to other magazines.

The largest period-on-period rise was only 3.7 per cent, posted by Country Living.

None of the titles in the sector made any substantial gain as the housing market remains in a state of flux.

Homes & Gardens experienced a turnaround on last year's 2.4 per cent drop in readership for the same period.

Sandy Whetton, the managing director of IPC Southbank, said: "The homes sector has shown resilience. However, there have been casualties as customers migrate from budget titles to the middle-ground titles."

All titles in the garden sector experienced a rise in sales period on period. This set of figures covers the spring season when most people turn their attentions to the garden.

The BBC's Gardeners' World led the sector with the second largest increase period on period of 22 per cent.

Verdict Gardening titles look set to see a decline in the next set of figures as the seasonal variations take their toll. The home-interest sector will also need some solid performances while the housing market remains unsettled.


TITLE PUBLISHER Total ABC Period on Year on

period % year

Ideal Home IPC 273,489 -1.30 -0.90

House Beautiful NatMags 170,200 0.10 -10.20

Country Living NatMags 170,137 3.70 4.30

Homes & Gardens IPC 161,553 2.30 3.40

Homes & Antiques BBC 151,307 0.60 -5.80

House & Garden Conde Nast 148,607 0.00 0.10

25 Beautiful Homes IPC 132,759 -1.30 -0.80

The Real Homes Mag Highbury Cabal 116,104 -15.60 -12.70

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (Jan-June 2003).


TITLE PUBLISHER Total ABC Period on Year on

period % year

Gardeners' World BBC 360,236 22.00 2.90

The Garden Emap 312,183 2.00 4.90

Garden Answers Emap 87,034 27.70 -11.30

The English Garden (Gp) Romsey 84,333 8.20 2.10

Amateur Gardening IPC 64,160 14.10 -3.20

Garden News Emap 57,036 9.60 -3.20

The English Garden (NA) Romsey 43,547 5.70 4.60

The English Garden (UK) Romsey 40,786 11.00 -0.40

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (Jan-June 2003).