ABC FIGURES: Sky circulation hits six million as more subscribers join up

Sky magazine cracked the six-million mark this period in a sector still dominated by John Brown Citrus.

Thanks largely to the 744,000 extra subscribers Sky has put on since last year, the company's customer magazine has boosted its circulation by 6 per cent period on period.

JB Citrus won the £1 million Sky contract from Redwood just over a year ago and introduced a revamped version of the title in October.

The chief executive of JB Citrus, Andrew Hirsch, said: "The thing we're proudest of is the fact that we've translated this growth in circulation into advertising revenue."

JB Citrus' O Magazine for Orange was once again flat period on period.

The title was redesigned earlier this year and now features more independent editorial.

Boots has managed to slow the decline in its circulation, while Asda Magazine was the star performer in the sector - its readership rose 16 per cent period on period and 32 per cent year on year.

Verdict Hirsch believes the contract sector will explode over the next three to five years and if he's right, it looks as if the supermarket industry will be well placed to take advantage of this.


TITLE PUBLISHER Total ABC Period on Year on

period % year

Sky Customer JB Citrus 6,124,572 6.00 15.00

AA Forward 4,679,950 -6.00 -7.00

O Magazine JB Citrus 2,500,025 0.00 0.00

Asda Magazine Publicis 2,012,733 16.00 32.00

Boots Health & Beauty Redwood 1,870,390 -1.00 -15.00

Safeway Magazine Redwood 1,505,064 -14.00 -14.00

The Somerfield Mag AMD 1,345,789 -2.00 -1.00

Saga Magazine Saga 1,237,947 3.00 4.00

Homebase Ideas Publicis 497,090 1.00 -

VM The Vauxhall Mag Mediamark 478,018 20.00 20.00

Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations (Jan-June 2003).