ABC Magazines: Computing

The first six months of 2007 were full of activity in the games console market.

The delayed launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 in March means its effect on the magazine sector won't be truly known until the next set of results. What's clear, however, is that Official Nintendo Magazine is continuing to feel the positive effect following Nintendo's launch of Wii and DS.

Little wonder, then, that, as specialist consoles increasingly own the gaming market, titles such as Future's PC Gamer and PC Zone continue to fall. Of the general titles, PC Format has had a relatively stable past six months, but dropped by 7.1 per cent year on year. Conversely, MacFormat readership has grown year on year by 14.5 per cent, suggesting a growing migration from PC to Mac computers.

Verdict Expect Mac magazines to continue to outperform PC titles, particularly with the iPhone launch later this year. Official Nintendo Magazine will remain stable as Wii's honeymoon period continues. Sales of dated titles such as Official PlayStation 2 will be superseded by the next generation titles, if not stopped altogether.

on-period on-year
% change % change
Official Xbox 360 Future 65,673 17.2 53.9
Official Nintendo
Magazine Dennis 47,925 11.6 34.7
Games Master Dennis 47,719 -11.5 -10.6
PlayStation 2 Future 44,182 -42.1 -55.9
PC Gamer Future 41,599 -4.6 -8.2
Xbox World 360 Future 30,296 30.6 30.7
X360 Imagine Publishing 30,179 7.8 38.0
Edge Future 30,021 -14.6 -10.6
PC Format Future 28,314 -0.4 -7.1
PC Zone Future 24,385 -9.7 -18.8