ABC Magazines: Film and music

Music titles, like CD sales, have been hit by a growing online audience prepared to get their fix from elsewhere.

The market leader, Emap's Q, was not immune to this trend. However, Stuart Williams, the publishing director of Emap, still asserts that the decision to stop running covermount CDs last year was the correct one. "We've taken a more cost-effective approach of long-term investment: developing a multiplatform brand across print, online, TV, radio and podcast," he says.

In the same period, Emap's stablemate Mojo also lost a small number of sales, but rock titles, led by Emap's Kerrang!, are enjoying a resurgence helped by a loyal audience standing by traditional media rather than rushing online. Future's Classic Rock and Metal Hammer both recorded growth.

In the world of film, sales of Empire have increased, helped by the 30th anniversary of Star Wars and a series of blockbuster summer releases. It outperformed its Future rival, Total Film, which saw its circulation fall.

Verdict Rock music titles will continue to thrive, particularly as their audience gets older and the nostalgia factor deepens. As publishers look to build brands by exploiting new media, covermount CDs will be seen less regularly. Free independent music magazines offering advertising will continue to keep publishers on their toes.

on-period on-year
% change % change
Empire Emap 179,373 2.0 2.1
Q Emap 130,179 -7.2 -17.7
Mojo Emap 112,037 -1.9 -8.0
Uncut IPC 85,884 -8.3 -3.2
Total Film Future 85,616 -0.5 -5.9
Kerrang! Emap 83,610 -2.1 4.3
NME IPC 68,151 -6.7 -8.2
Classic Rock Future 67,241 7.2 20.0