ABC Magazines: Home and garden

Following a turbulent start to the year, which saw Channel 4's 4 Homes and News Magazines' Inside Out axed, home interest titles seem to have picked up again, helped by a healthy period of property investment and an appetite for redecoration.

IPC's Ideal Home cemented its top position in the sector for the 16th consecutive period.

BBC Good Homes recorded a year-on-year decline, but Alfie Lewis, the publishing director, defends this by saying: "We've fared the best out of our key competitors to achieve a 4.2 per cent (period-on-period) rise in sales. No mean feat in a sector which has declined this period overall."

Essential's Your Home returned to form with a period-on-period increase, and Channel 4's Grand Designs magazine has benefited from the continued success of the TV programme.

January to June sees the start of the gardening season, and BBC Gardeners' World held its market-leading spot with a year-on-year increase in circulation. On the whole, gardening titles showed a relatively healthy performance, with the only exceptions being Emap's Garden News, which fell 11.2 per cent year on year, and Garden Answers, which fell 18.9 per cent during the same period.

Verdict A rainy summer may hamper gardening titles from reaching their full potential, but, at worst, the figures should remain flat. Strong house prices and interest in renovating homes will stay, so the performance of the home titles shouldn't drop significantly.

on-period on-year
% change % change
Ideal Home IPC Media 233,630 0.9 -1.6
Country Living NatMags 192,337 -0.5 0.0
House Beautiful NatMags 180,810 -3.9 -7.5
House & Garden Conde Nast 141,782 0.5 0.9
Homes & Gardens IPC Media 139,100 0.6 0.1
BBC Good Homes BBC Magazines 132,352 4.2 -2.6
Your Home Essential 117,923 14.0 -3.2
25 Beautiful Homes IPC Media 116,521 1.0 1.9
BBC Homes &
Antiques BBC Magazines 100,886 0.7 -0.2
Livingetc IPC Media 90,664 1.8 0.2

on-period on-year
% change % change
BBC Gardeners'
World BBC Magazines 303,448 28.5 1.0
Amateur Gardening IPC Media 48,362 7.1 -2.7
Garden News Emap 44,047 2.0 -11.2
The English
Garden (UK) Archant 36,902 11.7 3.9
Garden Answers Emap 36,549 14.0 -18.9