Absolut Vodka sues Absolute Radio

LONDON - The owner of Absolut Vodka is suing Absolute Radio, the rebranded Virgin Radio, for trademark infringement.

Absolute... legal action
Absolute... legal action

Drinks company V&S Vin&Spirit, owner of the Swedish vodka brand and music project Absolut Tracks, has issued a writ against Absolute Radio for infringement of its trademark and "passing off" its services as those of Absolut.

V&S Vin&Spirit claims that Absolute Radio could be damaging to its vodka brand and the similarity of the names will confuse consumers.

Virgin Radio was rebranded as Absolute Radio in September, after the name of part of the consortium that bought the station from SMG.

As part of the legal action, V&S Vin&Spirit has issued a writ to force
Absolute to revoke its trademarking of the name Absolute Radio International, which was registered in 2003.

Absolute Radio said it would fight the action and was confident of winning.