Absolute partners with Universal for Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 40th anniversary

Absolute Radio has partnered with Universal to produce a documentary on Elton John's seminal 1973 breakthrough album 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' 40 years on.

Absolute Radio: documentary will mark 40th anniversary of Elton John album
Absolute Radio: documentary will mark 40th anniversary of Elton John album

The radio documentary will be produced and hosted by Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, founder and presenter of 'Classic Album Sundays'.

The joint venture with Universal will include interviews with Elton John and song writing partner Bernie Taupin. A never-before broadcast live performance from John in 1973 will air directly afterwards.

Absolute Radio content director, Tony Moorey, said: "This programme will offer an in-depth look at one of Britain’s most iconic and enduring artists. Colleen is a talented storyteller. This, combined with exclusive, never-broadcast before live material offers a unique collaboration between 'Classic Album Sundays', Absolute Radio and Universal Music."

Presenter Murphy said: "I have lived and breathed this album in the making of this documentary. Our modern lives mean it can be challenging to stop, and allow yourself to become completely absorbed in a record. This documentary will aim to immerse you completely into the making of this album and why it is still relevant today".

'Classic Album Sundays: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' will air on Absolute on 23 March from 9pm, with 'Elton John: Live from Hammersmith' broadcasting between 9 pm and10pm the same evening, for the first time.