Absolut's Silverpoint app has taken over our lives

We would have written something here but we were playing Absolut's new Silverpoint game instead.

Absolut's Silverpoint app has taken over our lives
The Nike North vs South run

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With Omnicon and Ogilvy about to pack up and try to find a cab that will take them south of the river (at this time of night?!), head of planning at Iris, Ben Essen, issued this rallying cry for agencies to leave Soho and join Iris in the bear-baiting, V-flicking, scrappy and cheap part of this fair city that is Sarf Lahndan. If the number of people that read the piece is any indication, Soho will be a ghost town in no time.

Silverpoint app by Absolut

Time suck: Absolut's Silverpoint app

Beware: Absolut's new app is horribly, horribly, wonderfully addictive. It's a simple "make patterns on a board" game developed by Somethin’ Else, combined with a story by immersive theatre pioneers Punchdrunk, which is revealed as you progress through the levels.

There's also some original Andy Warhol drawings (pictured) thrown in for good measure, since it's part of the campaign launching the Absolut Andy Warhol limited edition bottle.

We won't give too much away, but it's an incredible example of a digital product that we reckon will send herds of young explorers to real-world locations – it's no wonder Absolut took out a double page spread in today's Time Out London (and Time Out London blogged about it). We suggest you download it – you both will and won't regret it.

The new Coca-Cola website

Good news, bad news: Coca-Cola

You have good days. You have bad days. Sometimes you have both. Coca-Cola made headlines twice today. First off, the "bad" news: Pepsi replaces Coke as NBA sponsor. Ben Bold reports that "Coca-Cola said it would continue to have a strong association with basketball via its deals with famous players and venues, with the latter continuing to serve its drinks."

Bold added: "Coke’s termination of the deal is understood to be part of the group’s $3bn-per-year cost-cutting programme and marketing overhaul." Yesterday, Coca-Cola announced it would be sponsoring the MLS. Good grief.

However! Coca-Cola has replaced Coca-Cola.co.uk with a new website which aims to appear more like a "digital magazine" than a corporate site, reports Sara Spray.

More multimedia storytelling and social functionality should make for greater brand engagement. Not bad for a silver lining.

Nick Clegg Game of Thrones poster

Electioneering: UK edition

The Lib Dems seem to have a very active social media team who are braving real-time marketing.

In the so-called social media election surely this is something that will be recognized as a smart move? 

Apparently not. The Cassetteboy-esque cover of Uptown Funk was panned, the attempt to rebrand as the Lib Dem cats fell flat, and now the BBC has taken a pop at their Game of Thrones photoshop work.

They quote Neil Hepburn (Beau Bo D'or) critiquing the work: "To me it's: 'Let's think of a really popular show and paste something on to it. The kids will love it.'" Ouch.

Hillary Clinton campaign logo

Electioneering: US edition

Well at least the Lib Dems didn't have their logo ripped to shreads, which was the fate of Hillary Clinton's logo. Adweek has a great roundup of responses. And here are a couple of our favourites.

And because schadenfreude has a particularly long half life, here's Daily Intelligencer's Everything That’s Wrong With Hillary’s New Logo, According to the Internet. And our pick of the litter?

Slam! Ps. Go Hillary!


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