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Acid attack campaign group's film is a make-up tutorial like no other

Social video expert Be On reviews the latest viral by Make Love not Scars.

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By using a familiar format, Make Love Not Scars, cleverly engages an influential online demographic. 9/10

Make Love Not Scars, which a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping acid attack victims with recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration. 

Attempting to help enforce a ban on the open sale of acid, the group has drawn a surprising analogy, comparing how your average person can purchase concentrated acid as easily as a red lipstick in the market.

Shot in a familiar step-by-step tutorial video format, the narrator is herself a victim of third degree burns.

She takes the viewer through the motions, starting with exfoliation of the lips and using a lip liner, but it’s her fifth and final tip that hooks her audience.  

Prompted by a swift change in music, creating a more dramatic tone, the speaker explains how easily acid can be obtained and prompts viewers to click on a link to a petition aimed at ending its sale.

Running just over sixty seconds, this viral gets straight to the point in five simple steps.

Online video is a key way for non-profit organisations to engage a global audience and they’re always coming up with new and innovative ways of doing so.

For example, back in February this year, States United To Prevent Gun Violence, conducted a similar experiment, setting up a fake gun store in NYC to shine a light on the harsh reality of gun misuse.

These organisations know they need hard-hitting content and a strong call to action to create impact and provoke a reaction.

Just shy of 900,000 views since being released on August 31 and almost 2000 shares on Facebook, this makeup tutorial is like no other.

By using a familiar format, Make Love Not Scars, cleverly engages an influential online demographic.

The hashtag #ENDACIDSALE has gained the attention of key lifestyle and beauty outlets, which have shared the video with their vast audiences, helping raise awareness.