Action for Children TV spot highlights issue of neglect

LONDON - Action for Children, the charity that aims to help improve the lives of young people, is highlighting the issues of child neglect through a new integrated ad campaign.

The campaign, created by Baby Creative, is spearheaded by a 30-second TV spot featuring the story of Emily, who was neglected by her parents.

Emily explains that she was often deprived of food and clean clothes, and suffered emotional trauma that left her psychologically damaged. 

The ad depicts Emily as a miniature toy figure, going unnoticed as she walks alone through dark and dangerous streets.

The TV spot will break tonight on Channel 4 during 'The Secret Millionaire' between 9 and 10pm, and will be supported by an experiential campaign that will feature cardboard cut-outs of Emily strategically placed in key landmarks across the UK.

The cut-outs will direct members of the public to the campaign's website – – that will ask visitors to make a donation to Action for Children and encourage them to sign a petition that calls on the government to take the issue of neglect more seriously.

Those who find the cardboard cut-outs of Emily will also be encouraged to post photos of where they found her, on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

A study conducted by Action for Children has found that as many as 1.5 million children in the UK are experiencing some form of neglect.

The charity is aiming to raise £17m over the next three years in an effort to combat the issue.