Ad regulator bans KFC 'fresh food' ad

LONDON - A TV ad for KFC, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, claiming the fast-food retailer uses fresh food has been taken off-air by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Twenty people complained the ad was misleading because it claimed fresh food was delivered daily to KFC branches and prepared on-site. Viewers also believed the ad misleadingly implied the chicken was grilled as opposed to fried.

KFC said the ad depicted its Original Recipe chicken on the bone, which was only made using fresh chicken delivered to its restaurants three times a week.

Clearcast supported this admission, and said the chicken was then breaded in store by hand. The body added that it was aware that other menu items were cooked from frozen and therefore ensured that the ad’s claims referred only to the on-the-bone product.

The ASA noted the ad’s claim of "fresh and prepared in-store" referred to one specific product, and on this point did not find the ad misleading. However, the claims "came in fresh this morning" and "fresh chicken on the bone, every store, every day" were found to be misleading for implying the produce was delivered daily.

The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form.