Ad watchdog bans Tetley Green Tea spot for misleading consumers

LONDON - An ad for Tetley Green Tea, created by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after it was found to be misleading.

The spot features a woman preparing to go for a run, but after opening her door and seeing it was raining, she gives up and opts to make herself a cup of green tea.

A voiceover explains: "For an easy way to help look after yourself, pick up Tetley Green Tea. It’s full of antioxidants."

After receiving four complaints, the ASA found that the ad was misleading because it implied that Tetley Green Tea had greater health benefits than those actually evidenced.

While the body rebuffed complaints that the ad implied the Green Tea had similar health benefits to exercise, it upheld a ban on the basis that "we had not seen any evidence to demonstrate that green tea, or the antioxidants in it, had general health benefits".

Tetley must not broadcast the ad again in its current form.