Ad of the Week: Monica Lewinsky's anti-bullying bot

The Goodness Bot is designed to bring civility back to social media.

Ad of the Week: Monica Lewinsky's anti-bullying bot

Monica Lewinsky, in collaboration with BBDO, has launched another salvo in her battle against bullying. 

The Goodness Bot is a continuation of her PSA, "The Epidemic," which launched during October for National Bullying Prevention Month. 

The bot is meant to make the internet a kinder place by recognizing negative words or phrases and allowing users to tag @GoodnessBot every time they see a mean tweet. It will then transform the negative tweet into a positive one. 

— Goodness Bot (@GoodnessBot) October 30, 2019

Upon testing, one tweet that read "The democrats are tearing this country apart. They are wusses, wimps and weasels." was changed to "This isn’t hide-and-seek. Don’t hide your love."

Lewinsky has been a staunch anti-bullying activist since her romantic involvement with former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, after which she was called every name under the sun.

Last year she launched a campaign that called for people to change their usernames on social media for the month of October to the names with which they had been bullied.

"Much like our work with ‘The Epidemic’ PSA, we want those being bullied to know they’re not alone—they’re not invisible to people who care," Lewinsky said in a statement.

"Our singular goal is to serve the public conversation, including protecting the safety of people who use our service," said Carlos Monje, Jr., Twitter public policy director. "We care deeply about bullying prevention." 

While not a traditional piece of creative, this bot will continue to drive eyes to a PSA that's focused on an important issue - one that deserves attention and momentum.