Adam & Eve/DDB turns 10: Ben Priest picks his top five ads

Adam & Eve/DDB is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. Co-founder and group chief creative officer Ben Priest looks back on his agency's favourite ads from the decade.

Adam & Eve/DDB turns 10: Ben Priest picks his top five ads

John Lewis "The long wait"

My favourite of our John Lewis ads. A lovely script by Matt [Gay] and John [Long], beautifully brought to life by Dougal Wilson.

The young Scottish actor we cast never put a foot wrong and Johnny Marr and Morrissey liked it enough to let us use Please, Please, Please Let, Me Get What I Want.

This was our first British Arrows Commercial of the Year.

Google "Front row"

This was a huge technical undertaking, bringing Manchester United fans from all round the world to Old Trafford for Man Utd v Liverpool, via Google Hangouts, using the digital advertising perimeter boards.

A huge cheer went up in our box when the feed went live and it worked, which was met with confused looks from the United directors’ box, as they were losing 0-1.

Marmite "End Marmite neglect"

One of the first campaigns we produced after arriving at Bishops Bridge Road and one of the best. The film was brilliantly directed by James Rouse and my favourite moment is when a new recruit finds a small jar hidden at the back of the cupboard and whimpers: "Oh no, it’s a baby one".

We even launched a special edition called "baby one" jar, which flew off the shelves. This was British Arrows’ Commercial of the Year.

Harvey Nichols "Sorry I spent it on myself"

A brilliant integrated campaign from the minds of Rick [Brim, executive creative director] and Dan [Fisher, now executive creative director at Martin London]. There was film, print, in-store posters and, of course, a complete range of crap products for you to present to unfortunate loved ones at Christmas.

The campaign won four Grands Prix in a week at Cannes and we were crowned Cannes Agency of the Year. The flight home was painful.

John Lewis "Monty’s Christmas"

John Lewis had already approved a different script and we were moving into product and film production but Rick and Dan wouldn’t give up and, a week after the deadline, brought me this script.

I rang Craig [Inglis, chief marketing officer] at John Lewis and asked if I could come to see him. "Yes", he said, "as long as it’s not about Christmas because that ship has sailed." It was a short meeting and, to his eternal credit, he bought the ad immediately.

More brilliant direction from Dougal and it went on to win the Film Craft Grand Prix at Cannes.

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