Addiction relaunches with sexy spot

Addiction, the men's fragrance range attempting to take on Lever Faberge's Lynx brand, is unveiling a raunchy ad to capture the pre-Christmas market.

The relaunch work, by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, positions the Conquest Personal Care-owned brand as irresistible to women. Unlike Lynx, it takes a sexy, rather than humorous approach.

The 40-second spot, directed by Richard Anthony through Method Films, introduces the endline: "Extra sensual perception."

The ad, called "what she smells", depicts a series of scenarios in which a woman's thoughts turn to sex, once she detects Addiction on a man. In one, a woman at a party sees a man and the line "what she sees" appears. She sees him undoing his jacket but as the line "what she smells" appears she is transported into a raunchy fantasy where he is unzipping her tiny mini skirt.

Jamie Kenny, an account director at MCBD, explained: "This commercial aims to be risque and exciting in order to get the brand talked about in the run-up to Christmas."

The execution was written by Richard Stoney and the art direction was by Dave Hobbs. Media planning and buying is through Equinox Communications.

The spot will air on Turner's CNX channel, according to Keith Hallett, the head of planning at Equinox: "We're targeting young men aged between 16 and 24. We'll air it during action adventure films, as they will fit nicely with the creative. It's quite a raunchy ad so we had to make sure we put it in front of the right audience."