Adidas 'hands in' by 180 LA

Adidas is launching an integrated campaign featuring six NBA All-Stars teaching youngsters the benefits of playing as a team, to publicise its new Team Signature footwear.

The centrepiece of the campaign, which features the tagline "Basketball is a brotherhood", is an 11-episode web series shot at a summer basketball camp for 12 young players.

The youngsters turned up at the campaign without knowing that a number of NBA All-Stars, including Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics), Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs) and Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards) among others, would be teaching the group how to improve their basketball skills.

The campaign, which will run in the US, Asia and Europe, asks consumers to text in and join "the brotherhood". Users will receive voicemail messages from the featured NBA All-Stars, inviting them to experience the brotherhood at