Adidas viral celebrates top-scoring boot despite Nike claim

Adidas has launched a 60-second viral which celebrates the success of the F50 Adizero as the top-scoring boot at the 2010 Fifa World Cup, despite rival Nike claiming to have scored more goals overall.

'The Goal Counter', created by 180 Amsterdam, tells the story of a South African boy who is an obsessive fan and defaces a poster ad for the F50, by adding to a painted tally every time a player wearing the boot scores a goal.

The strapline "The Lightest. The Fastest. The Deadliest" appears, before the text "2010 Fifa World Cup Top Scoring Boot" at the end of the 60-second spot. Adidas will also put the ad on TV across Europe, including the UK.

However, Nike has claimed that in terms of goals scored by which brand overall, (excluding own goals) Nike netted 62, Adidas 61, Puma nine, other 11 (143 goals). Nike said that there were two own goals that were scored by Adidas boots.

Including these, this put Adidas at 63, Nike 62, Puma 9, Other 11 (145 goals).

A Nike spokesman also pointed out that eight of the players on the pitch for Spain in the final against Netherlands wore Nike, including Iniesta who scored the winning goal wearing Nike CTR360 Elite Series boots.

Adidas, an official partner of the Fifa World Cup, kicked off its World Cup marketing activity with an ad starring world player of the year Lionel Messi, alongside David Villa and Zinedine Zidane, called 'Fast vs Fast', in May.

The launch coincided with the launch of the F50 Adizero boot, and was supported by a 50 Days of Fast Facebook push, which features Messi, and other footballers such as Kaka, De Rossi, Simao, Ballack and Gourcuff, giving insights on how they think football has developed over the years to become a faster game.