Adidas whets appetites for Star Wars sneaker launch

LONDON - Adidas has started a campaign to create maximum hype around its new range of 'Star Wars'-inspired sneakers by seeding photos of the new range of shoes to style and sneaker blogs.

Adidas Originals will launch the limited edition shoes and apparel range in January, but to whet the appetites of 'Star Wars' fans and sneaker enthusiasts, it has started leaking pictures of the shoes to blogs like High Snobiety and Hype Beast.

The range includes the Skywalker shoe, in bright orange, the Yoda, a mix of beiges and browns with green laces, and the Darth Vader Superstar track top, complete with cape and light saber holdall.

Adidas launches 'Star Wars' sneaker range

The full range of sneakers, artfully displayed along side Star Wars figurines, can be seen on Australia's Sneaker Freaker blog.

Ben Pruess, vice-president of Adidas Originals, said: "To work with Lucasfilm Ltd in bringing a timeless story to life on our products is great. Like Adidas Originals, the 'Star Wars' brand has a long and rich history of being a leader, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture.

"For fans of the films, sneaker heads or those that love fun and fresh designs, the collection gives you the chance to find the force or join the dark side."

Adidas signed the deal with Lucasfilm in June this year. The collection features items for men, women and children.