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Adland takes on love

Campaign and Adobe Stock asked creatives to construct a future-proof fairy tale that provokes and inspires. Here's what creative agency Conran Design Group imagined...

Albert Einstein said: "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

That love of fairy tales sticks with us. If you could imagine a fairy tale world, what would it look like, who or what would be the protagonist? And what would you like people to remember it for?

That’s exactly what we asked the advertising industry – one that’s full of talented story makers.

Taking inspiration from Adobe Stock's monthly visual trend, Campaign asked creatives to imagine an alternative fairy tale – one that picks on a modern character, problem and solution. We asked them to create fairy tales fit for the future in the form of a 30-second video clip or still image – using Adobe Stock’s diverse library which includes millions of images, 3D and video assets. They could use a minimum of one and maximum of six assets from Adobe Stock to show off their creative firepower.

We're showcasing the best stories throughout Autumn.

'Love is a throw away thing' by Conran Design Group…
"The concept of fairy tales is enduring but sadly love isn’t. Meeting people and communicating with them is done digitally these days, people connect online and often disconnect during the reality of a face-to-face interaction. Our fairy tale short film tells this story; the harsh truth of how we communicate remotely and our readiness to throw away the opportunity of love as easily as we upgrade our phone.

We wanted to explore a modern fairytale - one with a lasting moral, rather than a happy ending.  The concept of human connectivity and how we interact in the 21st Century really appealed to us, with the added layer of technology forming the attachment, rather than the human.

We purposefully developed a stop-motion style to give a feeling of dynamism to the final edit. We actually picked 4 images, using the Adobe Stock site to search for a suitable 'stage' for our story; in this case, we decided that a coffee shop would be the most realistic and universal location for the digital 'date'. The Adobe images were selected as they offered variety and some matching close ups for our story - another challenge we had to overcome in our search. The text bubbles were also an Adobe Stock image - we wanted the primary communication to be through phone graphics, which is something we can all relate to in the digital age. Heart emoji, anyone?"  Lee Hoddy, creative partner.

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