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Adland takes on pugs

Campaign and Adobe Stock asked creatives to construct a future-proof fairy tale that provokes and inspires. Here's what London-based agency SevenC3 imagined...

Taking inspiration from Adobe Stock's monthly visual trend, Campaign asked creatives to imagine an alternative fairy tale – one that picks on a modern character, problem and solution.

We asked them to create fairy tales fit for the future in the form of a 30-second video clip or still image – using Adobe Stock’s diverse library which includes millions of images, 3D and video assets. They could use a minimum of one and maximum of six assets from Adobe Stock to show off their creative firepower. 

We're showcasing the best stories throughout Autumn. 

Here's ‘World Dogamation’ by SevenC3...

"The world is changing and the things that make an impact in the minds of the masses are memes and GIFs…of dogs and kittens. 

In this fairy tale of dark ‘Hans Christian Andersen-style’ proportions, we shine a light on the new heroes of society and suggest how they could transform the world…and our minds.

The result? A dark, probing and terrifying visualisation of the future. And an excuse to use pugs.

How did we get there? In a nutshell, the guys at SevenC3 have a default position for initial content ideas - do they make us laugh? From here we reign ourselves in. Sometimes. 

With the best (most bonkers) creative minds in the SevenC3 business working closely together, the concept behind this idea came pretty quickly. We wanted a dark fairytale. We wanted humour and we wanted an evil protagonist that highlighted a modern-day problem. 

Stick a cat or dog or meercat in content and people are mesmerised, regardless of whether that cat or dog is relevant. Humans are rendered stupid and malleable to that creature’s wiley whims. This is an appeal to human content–creation decency. Don’t default to dogs and cats to sell stuff. Or they could fight back!" Danielle Welton, head of content. 

Creative process

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