How Adobe incorporates live experiences into its marketing mix

The recent Adobe Summit for digital marketers encompassed a series of live elements, which is testament to the brand's focus on experiential.

Events such as the Adobe Summit are an integral part of the brand's marketing mix
Events such as the Adobe Summit are an integral part of the brand's marketing mix

John Watton, senior marketing manager at Adobe, told Event experiential is central to the modern day marketing mix. 

"It is one of the topics that we talk about for marketers generally," he said. "If you’re in a hyper-competitive market it’s not about the product anymore, it is about the experience you deliver to your customer, because they will remember an experience."

He explained it is important that events deliver emotional and physical experiences, and believes the Adobe Summit achieves this quite successfully.

"They [the delegates] come away from the summit fired up, they come away inspired and they feel motivated to action, so it is very much about the experience. It is really important to make them feel something," he said.

While Adobe is no doubt focused online, Watton said it continues to rely on some forms of traditional marketing, such as events.

Watton said: "We spend 74% of our budget on digital, but events have a really big place for us. There is a lot of nonsense about people saying events don’t play a role in marketing anymore, however most traditional marketing still really works.

"Direct mail, telemarketing in some instances and events are a core part of our program."

He added an effective event will be remembered long after it takes place. "The Summit lives on – we record everything, everything is available for download afterwards, we re-use the content and publish the case examples – we capture all of that and put it up on our website.

"Good marketers understand that there can be a life beyond the event." 

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