Adshel creates wet 'Adquarium' format for Dockers trousers

Adshel has unveiled a new bus-shelter advertising format, called Adquarium, which incorporates water into a poster site for the first time.

Adquarium was created, in conjunction with Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Starcom Motive for Levi-Strauss, to showcase the new Dockers liquid-repellent trousers.

The units feature a real pair of Dockers trousers that remain dry, despite being suspended in bubbling liquid on both end panels of an Adshel bus shelter.

In creating the executions, Adshel had to overcome the obvious problems of sealing water into the poster sites. Adshel claims this is the largest special build it has ever run, with Starcom Motive having booked 20 panels at ten sites across London for the push. They will run for two weeks, and include high-profile shopping areas such as Knightsbridge.

Starcom Motive has also booked 130 Taxi Media cabs in London, Glasgow and Manchester with water-filled tip seats. These seats feature a picture of the water-resistant trousers, and will be run until the end of May.

Adshel is confident the Adquarium technology can be adopted for other advertisers. Adam Butterworth, the company's sales director, said: "This was a very ambitious special build that used cutting-edge technology to achieve a spectacular effect."