Adshel's service set to monitor outdoor creative treatments

Adshel is to launch a research service for the outdoor industry,

which will assess the effectiveness of creative treatments in outdoor


The Creative Research Service will be available free to advertisers

using the Adshel Research Monitor from October. The company claims it

will "show whether campaigns should be acclaimed or shamed".

"Too much detail" is the biggest mistake that creatives make when

designing posters, according to Yvonne O'Brien, the director of

marketing for the More Group, which owns Adshel. "The simpler and

clearer the message, the greater chance it has of cutting through the


Stevie Spring, the chief executive of the More Group, added: "I'm

staggered by the number of posters that are designed so that they can't

be read. No other medium, even in really inept creative hands, allows

such a demonstrable waste of clients' money."

Adshel has teamed up with the research company Millward Brown for the