Adspend rises by 5.4 per cent in 2004

Optimism that Britain's advertising recession is in retreat rose this week with figures showing spending in 2004 was the highest for four years.

The £18.4 billion total represented a rise of 5.4 per cent last year before accounting for inflation, according to the Advertising Association.

This equates to a 4 per cent rise in real terms and represents the strongest annual increase since 2000, when the recession was at its worst.

Press accounted for the largest portion of the total spend with a 47.8 per cent share. TV was second (25.8 per cent), followed by direct mail (13.4 per cent). The rest of the share was divided between outdoor (5.4 per cent), radio (3.3 per cent), internet (3.2 per cent) and cinema (1 per cent).

TV expenditure rose by 5.4 per cent to £4.7 billion at current prices, a rise of 4 per cent in real terms. It also accounted for the largest share of display advertising, taking a 33.9 per cent share compared with 31.4 per cent for press.

Outdoor achieved an overall increase of 7.8 per cent to £986 million.

This growth was mirrored by cinema, which delivered a 6.7 per cent rise to £192 million at current prices.