Paul Cowan Managing partner Cowan Kemsley Taylor

Paul Cowan Managing partner Cowan Kemsley Taylor

They have done it again. First the ‘hit’ of the orange Tango breathed

life back into a dull and dusty brand. We were then seduced by apples.

Now, lemon euphoria has arrived.

On an emotional level, the new campaign, which features a religious cult

led by Jim which worships Lemon Tango, is wonderful. The underlying

feeling is of a satanic rave crossed with an orgy. Lovely stuff. There

is a refreshing irreverance and edginess about the advertising which is

spot on for the youth market.

The idea of worshipping Tango, which runs through ‘Gotang’, ‘Apple

Seduction’ and ‘Lemon Euphoria’, is incredibly powerful and conveyed in

an utterly credible way (amazing considering these are incredible


On a rational level, this advertising ticks every conceivable box on the

brief. Surely it must be one of the best branded campaigns on air (I am

sure the Millwood Brown scores will go off the graph). The advertising

is more than rooted in lemon and lemon values. The whole advertising is

lemon. I doubt that there is more than half a second in this commercial

where we don’t see or hear something to do with lemon or Lemon Tango.

The product benefits, the taste explosion, the refreshment are all

interwoven so powerfully that is almost impossible to watch without

wanting to rip open a can immediately. If you don’t have a can to hand,

there is a telephone number to ring. When you do call (0990 546546) the

message is seamless with the message and tone of the TV commercials.

I also admire the way this advertising develops the company. Many

agencies and clients would, having found a formula that works, stick to

it. HHCL and Britvic have continued to innovate and keep the advertising

exciting. The result is that their sales graph is going up like a


Like the man in the new commercial says: ‘This is euphoria, mate. I have

seen the lemon.’