Bordan Tkachuk Managing director Viglen

Bordan Tkachuk Managing director Viglen

Like it or loath it - and some in the computer business may recall the

Apple Orwell extravaganza - it’s got to be those babies.

Come on, what marketing manager worth their salt could resist having

their product applauded by 2000 attentive human beings?

It’s a great idea, and breathes fresh air into what has become a very

tired genre - the family car advertisement.

Let’s face it, we have had family men with raunchy encounters in car

parks, and yuppie executives swinging through the City and humming the

latest cheesy new listening track while rescuing small, angelic


I’m sorry, but the world just doesn’t look like that in Alperton,


I’m a car man, a family man, and I know just how impossible it is to get

those two precious parts of my life together. Kids are no good in sporty

little numbers - forget it. And I don’t want to be lectured by ad men in

sharp suits about being old and responsible before my time. The thrills

and terrors of parenthood are quite enough thanks, without someone

telling me to grow up.

But this ad gets it right. You scarcely even see the car that’s the

centre of all this, because a misty-eyed old dad like me just sees that

crowd of cute kids and knows just where the real priorities are. Forget

the Ferrari, the chip off the old block is the real back-seat driver.

Let’s face it, driving has been hammered by advertisers in the past few

years. Not just tired old cars ’n’ scenery shots, but hard-hitting well-

filmed drink-driving campaigns have made us all much more aware of the

dangers of being on the road, especially for children who get no say in

last orders or jumping traffic lights.

Cute, but mercifully Lowe Howard-Spink spared us the fluffy surroundings

we old softies normally have to endure with baby shots. In fact, anyone

who has gone through the ‘joys’ of fatherhood will know just what little

tyrants babies are. I really appreciated the Orwellian backdrop. Yep,

these little sweeties know exactly who’s in charge.