Advertising "destroys value" in society, report claims

LONDON - Advertising is destroying society, according to a new report from think tank the New Economics Foundation.

Adland...critical report by New Economics Foundation
Adland...critical report by New Economics Foundation

The report, which compares the impact on society of groups of people doing six different jobs, concludes that advertising "can create insatiable aspirations, fuelling feelings of dissatisfaction, inadequacy and stress" among the population.

It concludes that ad executives, which it says earn "between £50,000 and £12 million", "destroy £11 of value for every pound of value they create" - almost exactly the reverse of a hospital cleaner.

City bankers and tax accountants are bracketed with ad executives as destroying value in society while the report endorses the impact of the roles played by child minders, waste recycle workers, and hospital cleaners.

The report prompted a cheeky riposte from IPA director general Hamish Pringle, who said: "The NEF methodology is obviously very clever and we've used it to calculate that for every £1 of value created by a think tank executive, £12.50 is destroyed.

"This is almost the exact reverse of a real economy employee."